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23 April 2016

The O'Reilly Animals: An Adult Coloring Book

There are lots of amusing fake O'Reilly book covers going around the internet; however, this is a genuine 26-page O'Reilly book, in the vein of the "Adult Coloring Books" which are popular at the moment. So now you can colour in your Toucans, Fanfoot Geckos, Birdwings, Ring-Tailed Lemurs, and more, whenever you get a free moment. Or waiting for code to compile, for Jenkins to finish testing your code, or just sipping a fine cup of Java.

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From their blurb:
O’Reilly Media is unique among tech book publishers for its iconic animal covers. Everything from tarsiers, bears, camels, and big cats to a variety of birds, fish, anemones, and insects have graced O’Reilly book covers since the late 1980s. Now, with this high-quality coloring book, you can put your own spin on this group of classic prints. The coloring book includes 12 images from the O’Reilly Animal image archive, converted for coloring by O'Reilly designer Karen Montgomery. These beautiful reproductions of 19th century engravings are printed on heavyweight paper with nothing on the back to compromise your own colorful masterpieces. This isn’t your kid’s coloring book. Take it out when you need a break and give the left side of your brain a chance to express itself for a change. Relax, have some fun, and create your own animal menagerie—in color.


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